Discover the Careers Your Teen Is Wired For

Use our proven framework to help your high school student gain self awareness, tools, and experiences to chart his or her course & flourish as an adult.

With Career Planning Your Teen Can...

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Know Themself
Know Careers
Know Their Path

Don’t Leave Their Future up to Chance

Like it or not, most decisions leading up to high school graduation have an impact on their future. And some of them, like selecting a major, can be nearly impossible to undo if your high school student changes his or her mind. But here’s the good news:

Information is power.

The more your student knows about themself, their passion, and their path, the more engaged and successful they will be.

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With Intention and the Right Information, Anything Is Possible

Know Themself

They’ll learn how their unique wiring informs a greater purpose in life by evaluating their:

  • Values

  • Strengths

  • Expectations

  • Motivations

  • Academic potential

Know Careers

Your teen will explore potential career paths by:

  • Identifying a wide range of jobs that suit their natural wiring

  • Understanding income levels, growth opportunities, and educational requirements by career path

  • Gaining clarity through curated career experiences to evaluate fit

Know Their Path

They’ll move forward with confidence knowing:

  • Their college selection and major align with their career goals

  • Their higher education will be a good investment

  • They have a plan in place to turn their career dreams into a reality

  • They’re planning the first step, not making a forever decision


Getting Career Counseling Is Easy…

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Watch your child flourish

With self-awareness and a sense of purpose, your high schooler will confidently and successfully navigate their future.

Praise from Parents and Educators

“The students I work with are often confused and anxious about their future. I met Lisa at an industry conference and her coaching is the single, most important tool I use for college planning. It frees the mind to concentrate on other, important aspects. I have 0 students who graduated college and didn’t know what to do. 100% working in at least a related job.”

— George Gately, Succeed Where It Count & College Counts America

“My daughter was anxious and conflicted over her college major, and given that I am a school counselor, I know how it helps for kids to hear from folks other than mom. We worked with Lisa and the conversation changed the future for Emma. She became validated, free, excited and ready to go! She’s now graduating college and couldn’t be happier!”

— Vicki Weisbrod, Mom and School Counselor

“We were unsure how to advise our daughter and felt anxious for her as she lacked self-confidence to make decisions. The insight we gained with Lisa’s coaching was worth every penny. My daughter is now much more confident in her abilities and more at peace as she makes her college decision and picks a major.”

— Melanie Staudt

“We have known Lisa for a long time and have benefitted from her expert advice for years. Hence saving me a lot of sleepless nights and gray hairs in the process. Moral of the story? Talk to Lisa early. I promise it will pay off.”

— Joanne Fultz

When is the time to start thinking about your teen’s potential career?

While it's never too late to get started, there are several advantages to starting the process on time. And, you don't want to overwhelm your teen by starting career planning too early.

Our quick and easy quiz can help you figure out what your child is ready for right now.

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